About Us

Established in 1985, RJ Uomo has and continues to make well-tailored attire for him and for her. Located in the heart of Bangkok (Ratchprasong), we are easily accessible from anywhere within walking distance of a BTS station (Chitlom station). With over thirty years of experience under our belt, we still take each day as a new learning experience. Adaptation, consistency, and integrity are the pillars that uphold our brand; for we are attracted to the allure of goodwill.

The boom, the bust, the growth, the recession, the peace, and the instability Bangkok has witnessed through the years yet one thing remains constant: our philosophy.

”The value a customer receives from our products must always exceed the cost they incur.”

For most tailors, the ingredients of a suit consist of a fine material, a good fit, and a great attention to detail. However, through the years we have incorporated one more recipe into making our clothes: understanding the person wearing it. Give us the opportunity to get to know you. There’s nothing like a unique individual in a well –tailored suit. Having said this, be prepared to quench your palette with a hot coffee or a cold beer, red or white wine, or simply just water to beat the Bangkok heat. It’s on us.