How we work


First and foremost, we will find the right fabric that best meets your needs. All details, such as style, trimmings, and linings, will also be decided. Many people find it difficult to picture the fabric as finished product. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.


After selecting the fabrics, we will then take your measurements. Measurements do not only translate your body into a bunch of numbers. We also observe all features of your body (large biceps, sloping shoulders, short neck, etc.) to make sure our clothes are truly customized to your body.


Once measured, our tailor will make a pattern out of paper which will serve as a blueprint for all future clothes made for you by us. We constantly make a note of all changes in your body to ensure the perfect fit every time.


The first fitting will take place either a day after we take your measurements or the same day itself. Here you can decide the length of the jacket and the size of the lapel. It will be very hard to make these changes after the first fitting.


This fitting is optional. After the first fitting, the outfit will be very close to your body size already. On this fitting, there will be very minor details to cater to.


Once your fitting is done, we will apply the finishing touches to your jacket such as stitching up the buttons, name embroidery on the jacket, and making button holes. The mark of a bespoke suit lies in the details.

Oval 3 + Business man in coffee shopRJ Uomo, an unassuming small family-run shop in a shopping mall in Bangkok.
I needed a black coat to wear in concerts (I am a conductor of orchestras) and they made a very beautiful long coat of genuine Thai Silk. It is very stylish and made to measure. When I return to work in Thailand, I will ask them to make more clothes for me: good quality and honest price.

Martin Andre (London, UK)