At any given time, we have over 30 options of neckties for you to choose from. Just make sure the width of your tie matches the width of your jacket lapel.


Cufflinks make a very classy and powerful statement. Besides watches, in our opinion, this is the ultimate piece of jewelry every man should possess. We have a variety available for you at all times.


Bow ties are making a strong comeback. You can pick the usual black colour to wear with your dinner jacket or get creative with us and make one from the fabrics we have available in store.

Pocket Squares

Why have one look in multiple suits when you can have multiple looks in one suit? Pocket squares add color and personality to a suit. We love this accessory and have plenty of options available at all times. Like our other products we can customize one for you with our fabrics. Our standard size is eleven by eleven inches.

Other clothing


Sometimes a suit just isn’t enough to keep you warm in cold and frigid weathers. To solve that problem, we have a selection of thicker wool fabrics available for overcoats. The price will be determined in store depending on the fabric selected and the design.

Lady’s Dress

We also make lady’s dresses. However, we cannot fix a price since the possibilities are infinite. Our tailors are equipped to make you look professional at work and presentable in formal occasions. You can always send us a photo with a description here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


There are multiple designs for a waistcoat. You can get one to match the suit you’re wearing or a different color to compliment it. Like our suits, all our waistcoats will use Bemberg linings and horn buttons. Our prices for waistcoats are also fixed.


Had something in mind? Didn’t see it on our products page? Do not
worry. We tailor a wide variety of clothes. Drop a message or send a
picture and we will get back to you as soon as we can.