Find the right fabric for the right occasion. Trousers face heavier duty than other pieces of clothing
and, as a result, must also last longer. Leave it to us to help you make the right choice.


Super fine wool and cashmere fabrics come at a very high price and, at times, really dent your bank account. Polyester/Viscose blend is an excellent alternative. It is much easier to maintain and you never have to worry about wrinkles. You will also save significantly on your dry cleaning bills.


Every person must own a few cotton trousers. Blue, khaki, black, and grey chinos come in handy for any occasion. It gives a comfortable feel while appearing more formal than a pair of denim jeans. You can opt to have it stitched like a regular pair of trousers or double stitched like jeans.


The best of both worlds. Even when blended with other materials, a wool blend will still maintain many of its advantages. However, it will not breathe as well as a 100% wool fabric itself. Most of our wool blends consists of wool and polyester. This combination allows the suit to drape well (because of the wool) and wrinkle less (Due to the polyester).


This is the must have item of the summer. It breathes very well and keeps you feeling cool in the warmest of weather. The best way to enjoy a linen jacket is to make half lined. The only drawback of linen jackets is that it wrinkles easily. It is a very small price to pay for the comfort you’re getting.

100% Wool

Woolen fabrics have come a long way in men’s suit. It is often misunderstood as a thick fabric to keep you warm in winter. Wool, being a natural fiber (like cotton and linen), can keep you warm in winter while not feeling hot in the summer. These fabrics breathe very well. Woolen fabrics also drape well, making it the ideal choice.


Fabric Inside

We keep a good amount of fabric inside just in case alterations are needed in future. We will gladly alter any trouser made by us free of charge.


Horn buttons will be used as the standard button for all our trousers unlike most trousers that consist of plastic buttons.


All our trousers will be half lined till the knee. Bemberg linings are used on all trousers.


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